Today Apple released iOS 10.3, and OS X 10.12.4. To all of you who are inclined to upgrade as quickly as possible, I recommend that you wait a while.

All updates include changes that might introduce bugs, but these two in particular introduce a completely new disk filing system that replaces the extremely reliable HFS+ filing system we’ve all used on Macs, iPhones, iPads, and Apple TV for many, many years.

The filing system is what allows you to store data on a hard disk, or in the Flash RAM on your phone, pad, watch or TV, and allows the device to find that data. Anytime you replace a whole filing system with something new, it’s a major change. Major changes often introduce bugs.

That’s why I recommend delaying any upgrade. There’s no point in being the earlier adapter of anything brand new…if there are bugs, the early adapters are the ones that suffer with them.

Some Apple bugs have literally prevented iPhones from working at all. Even though Apple always fixes the bigs, they can’t fix the lost time and inconvenience you’ll suffer because of the bug.

Changing the filing system may interfere with the operation of certain apps. By waiting to upgrade, you’ll be able to upgrade those apps before upgrading iOS or OS X itself.

Let others be the first upgraders. If there are no bugs, you’ll have lost nothing but a little time, during which your Mac, phone, pad, watch, and TV will remain fully functional. If there are bugs, the early adapters will help Apple identify and fix them before they victimize you.