Rates & Terms

Our Rates
  • By phone, email, or remote computer service: $3.00 per minute, 10 minute minimum. (The minimum applies only once to each separate support or consulting issue.)
  • Service in person at your premises or our office: $180.00 per hour, billed in quarter-hour increments.
  • $80.00 trip charge for service at your premises within our local service areas. Elsewhere please call for travel charges.
  • Emergency same day service, after hours, weekends or holidays: 150% of the standard rates.
Terms of Service
  • We expect payment at the time of service by cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or AmEx or we can send a PayPal invoice that you can pay online.
  • We may extend 30 day terms to regular clients with a good payment record. We must receive payment within 30 days, no exceptions.
  • After 30 days we take action to collect, and assess a 1 1/2% per month (18% per year) finance charge to the unpaid balance. No further service is rendered until the account is paid in full, and future service is on a C.O.D. basis only.
Company Policies
  • Work is performed on a best-efforts basis. Charges are based on the time spent, not on the results.
  • We are not product dealers. We willingly recommend specific products and reputable dealers, and are eager to help you get what you need at the best possible price.
  • We don’t leave our work partially done just to keep a strict time schedule. We finish necessary work at our current appointment before proceeding to the next. For that reason, appointment times are approximate.
  • We take pride in our expertise and service. If there is a problem with our service, we expect to make it right.
  • Product names mentioned in this web site are registered trademarks of the respective manufacturers, developers, and dealers of those products.
  • Opinions and recommendations contained in this web site are those of the Everything Macintosh staff.
How we calculate transportation and expenses for service outside our local service areas in North Carolina
  • Travel charge is our standard hourly rate in one direction only to your location.
  • If air, train, or bus fare is required, we do not mark up the fare. In fact, we encourage you to provide us with prepaid tickets.
  • Where lodging is necessary, we require a Hampton Inn, equivalent, or better. We pass through the cost of lodging without markup, but we encourage you to pay the hotel directly.
  • Where car rental is necessary, economy or compact cars are fine. We pass through the rental cost without markup, but we encourage you to pay the rental agency directly.
  • Meal allowance (when overnight stays are necessary) $50.00 per day.