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Everything Macintosh: We Make Computers Work. Period!

For 36 years, Everything Macintosh has successfully built an international client base consistently delivering cost conscious, expert computer support remotely, by phone, by text, at our office, or at your location.

We are your full time IT department. We resolve most issues and update software remotely, quickly, and without interfering with your day-to-day operations.

To get remote support, just click here: GET REMOTE SUPPORT

For hardware and other issues that require hands-on service, we’ll come to you.
We believe our job is:

  • to help you avoid spending more on technology than is necessary to do your work efficiently.
  • to set up your computer correctly so they’ll run without needing constant attention.
  • to give you the tools to deal with minor problems. We’ve posted troubleshooting tutorials for basic DIY troubleshooting and repair.
  • to make your computer work with, rather than against you by paying attention to specific issues you’re having.
  • to make all the electronics you juggle every day work together so you can have the information you need wherever you are.
  • to avoid computerese and geek-speak, and talk plain English.
  • To be available to help by phone, email, text, at our office, or at your location.

We believe these are the reasons we’ve had a loyal client base for 34 years.

We make computers and other devices work. Period!

We even do Windows!