With the number of email address compromised by the data breach at Epsilon, you can expect to receive a much larger volume of spam messages attempting to get you to reveal personal information. The media commonly refers to these kinds of messages as “phishing” or “spear phishing” messages. They look legitimate, and many appear to come from companies with whom you actually do business. The messages typically threaten to discontinue your account if you don’t click the link and follow the instructions. The senders of these kinds of messages are identify thieves and hope to get you to reveal enough personal information to let them hack into your accounts and steal your identity.

Delete any email message attempting to get you to click a link and/or supply any personal information.

Companies with whom you do business have no legitimate reason to ask you to supply personal information. They already have the personal information they need…you gave it to them when you originally set up your account or began doing business with them. You can feel certain that any email message asking for personal information is a fake.

Example: Some of our clients have received the following email message, which threatens to shut off your email service unless you click the link and enter personal information like your username, email login ID, password, date of birth, and a future password. The message contains several items that tip you off that it’s a fake.

1. It comes from [email protected] Any messages you receive about your web site or email from us will come from an email address @everythingmacintosh.com. ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]).

2. Messages you get from us will be addressed to you personally, by name. We won’t send mass messages address to “Account User.”

3. We’ll never threaten to discontinue your service for failure to provide information. (We stop your service only if you call to cancel it or we fail to receive payment within a reasonable time after it’s due.)

If you ever have questions, forward a questionable email message to [email protected] or call us at 919-404-0222.

A sample phishing message we've received