Remote Service is the most convenient way to get service and support right when you need it. We can connect to your computer through the internet to troubleshoot problems, do software updates and installations, and for training. You save trip and travel charges and get the work done now.

We can easily connect to both your Mac or  your Windows PC. We use a remote program called TeamViewer to do it. In order for us to connect to your computer, you first must download the small TeamViewer program and open it. We can’t connect if the program isn’t running.

To download TeamViewer for Macs, click the blue button below that says TeamViewer for Macintosh. To download TeamViewer for Windows, click the gray button below that says TeamViewer for Windows.

Download TeamViewer for Macintosh

Download TeamViewer for Macintosh

Download TeamView for Windows

Download TeamViewer for Windows









Once the program is downloaded, open it. You’ll see a window that looks like this:


Just send us the 9 digit number in the Your ID.

If you need help, give us a call at 919-404-0222!