If you use FontBook (the font manager that comes with Mac OS X), Extensis Suitcase, or other font manager software that doesn’t have built-in font cache cleaning, you can still clean your font caches with Font Finagler. Font Finagler is shareware, available at:


Here are the steps for cleaning font caches with Font Finagler.

1. Launch Font Finagler.

NOTE: If you’re running Mac OS X 10.5 or later, an alert box appears over the application’s window reminding you that if you’ve deactivated fonts with FontBook (the built-in font manager in Mac OS X), cleaning the caches with FontFinagler reactivates those fonts. You can just click the OK button to make the alert box go away.

Font Finagler alert

2. In the window, make sure that All font cache files is selected (that way you’ll clean all the font caches on your computer in one step). Then click the Inspect Font Cache Files button.

Click All font cache files, then Inspect Font Caches

3. In a moment the window lists all the font cache files. Click the Clean Font Cache Files button.

4. You’ll see the window asking for your password. Enter the password and click the OK button.

5. You’ll see a warning that the machine must be restarted after cleaning the font cache files. Click the OK button. Your Mac will restart. Once it gets back to the desktop, launch your programs and make sure the fonts look correct.