iPad 2

iPad 2

Looking for an iPad? The 16GB? 32GB? 64GB? Wi-Fi only? 3G? Here’s what to consider:

You never have enough RAM or hard drive space. In a computer, RAM and drives can be upgraded, iPads can’t. Music, photos, videos, email, and apps take up space. If you plan to keep your iPad for a while, it pays to buy the most capacity you can, because that’s the capacity you’ll have for the life of the iPad.

I think the 16GB model is an illogical choice except for business and industrial use where the company using the iPad knows that the apps and data needed on the iPad will fit comfortably within 16GB. But for average users, your music or photo library along may be bigger than 16GB…and that doesn’t include all the apps you’ll want to add.

With only $100 difference between the 32GB and 64GB models, I chose to buy the 64GB Wi-Fi model for myself, and I think that’s the model that makes the most sense for most people.

As to Wi-Fi only or 3G, it comes down to where you intend to use your iPad, and price. 3G models are more costly than Wi-Fi models, and you’ll also need a data plan with a wireless carrier, which will cost you a monthly fee.

If you’ll mostly be using your iPad at home or within your office, or at other places where there is a Wi-Fi network (hot spots at restaurants and hotels), save money by going with a Wi-Fi iPad. That’s particularly true if you already have a phone that accesses the internet services you need when you’re out and around.

If you need internet access on your iPad when you’re out and around, you’ll need a 3G model and a data plan.

Darryl Lewis