Darryl Lewis

Founder & Chief Technician

Darryl LewisDarryl Lewis knows Mac equipment, peripherals, and software inside and out. He’s been both using and servicing them since 1987, when he founded this company in Lauderhill, Florida.

Early on, Darryl recognized that Apple dealers and service centers were only able to provide support for Apple’s own products, but virtually every user depends on third party products for the work they do with their Macs. Darryl decided that his company should be independent of Apple and any other company, and simply devote itself to making Macs, software, and hardware work. That is our continuing goal to this day.

Darryl’s credentials are formidable. He:

  • has been providing in person, telephone, email, and remote support to Mac users in large, small, and residential venues for 24 years.
  • authors all the technical info provided to Everything Macintosh staff, as well as the tech notes and reviews on our web site.
  • has been a 4-term president of the National Macintosh Computer Society, Inc., with the unanimous vote of the membership in his last two terms.
  • is a published Mac authority, with features and reviews in MacUser magazine for ten years covering publishing and high end graphics, operating systems, programming tools, utilities, compression, backup programs, calendar and mailing list programs, and accounting software.
  • is a former Macintosh trainer for Broward County, Florida School Board administrative personnel.
  • has been on the advisory committee for the Art Institute in Ft. Lauderdale.
  • has been a long time Apple Solutions Professionals Network member.
  • has been a qualified installer for CheckMark, Accountant, Inc., and MYOB accounting software, with hundreds of installations.
  • wrote instruction manuals for Micronetics, Inc. accounting software products.
  • is recognized in the Mac service community for quick, accurate problem diagnosis and an unusually high success rate at recovering data from crashed disks with software-based problems.

Download my contact info

Download my contact info